Our Blog

We are thrilled to launch The InnovationLAB website and to present our services, mission and corporate identity.

The InnovationLAB is an innovation consultancy & creative agency based in Basel.

Our Value Proposition: 

  • we analyse and identify innovation potentials
  • we plan innovation strategies
  • we manage innovation programs
  • we design and develop innovative products and solutions

We are expert developers and consultants in four dedicated project LABs – Research, Idea, Development and Investment – and we are driven to present smart business analysis, groundbreaking strategies and revolutionary design solutions.

Our Love for the community does not end where business starts and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience in Free Startup Mentorships.

Speak with us and find out about our Services and LABs. 

Sevket Oeztas

Founder of The InnovationLAB